Spring Reunion Party Set A (18th Jan to 26th Feb 2021)

  • Spring Reunion Party Set A (18th Jan to 26th Feb 2021)
Per Set Good for 8Pax to 10Pax
Per Set at $238.00 ($254.66 with GST)
  • 发财鲍鱼
    Prosperity Abalone Treasure "Lo Hei"
  • 广式烧鸡
    Cantonese Style Roast Chicken
  • 橙子和柚子酱鲷鱼
    Baked Snapper Fillet with Orange Yuzu Sauce
  • 蒜香虾
    Wok-fried Garlic Prawn
  • 蘑菇蔬菜
    Braised Mushroom with Broccoli & Black Moss
  • 至尊宝伊府麵
    Braised Treasure Ee Fu Noodle with Straw Mushroom
  • 海底椰龙眼
    Chilled Sea Coconut with Longan
Catering Information
  • Per party set is good for 8pax to 10pax
  • No change in items during the period of 11th–14thFeb 2021
  • All food will be packed in disposable aluminum tray / microwaveable containers
  • Provision of bio-degradable disposable ware, serviette pink disposable tablecloth and garbage bag
  • Delivery charge at $30.00 per trip. ($50.00 per trip on 11th–14thFeb 2021)
  • Actual delivery time may vary by +/-30mins due to festive period
  • Full payment via PayNow, Cash or Cheque
  • Total amount subjected to 7% Goods and Services Tax (GST)